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At pirkx, we are all about making happier, healthier humans by providing affordable wellbeing benefits to everyone, improving health, wealth and happiness.

The pirkx aim is simple: to help all companies support the wellbeing of their teams, whether they employ them directly or engage them as a contractor.

The dictionary definition of “wellbeing” is the state of being happy, healthy or comfortable and we have built our proposition around 5 key pillars of wellbeing; Health, Wealth, Recognition, Learning and Social.

We believe everyone should be given the tools to support their wellbeing. Large employers often provide ‘Employee Benefits’ to support the wellbeing of their workforce. The contingent workforce – contractors, the gig economy -and even employees of smaller businesses often have little or no access to these benefits due to ineligibility, complex on-boarding processes or high cost.

pirkx solves these issues by providing benefits for everyone – at super low cost, via a simple, easy to use, self-service platform.