Category: Startup

Vertical: Data and Analytics; Enterprise Software; Payments; SME Financing (Other)



Husky Finance provides digital tools to help people make smarter choices with their money. The journey towards financial freedom starts with a workplace pension auto-enrolment tool for small employers called Husky.

Husky is the only complete, responsible end-to-end AE solution on the market. Uniquely, Husky helps inform small employers to choose a good workplace pension, and ensures that set-up and ongoing administration is correct, efficient and compliant. Husky is transparent and uncompromising in its demand for fairness, legitimacy and legality. It is wholly independent of all pension providers. Husky helps all employers, irrespective of their choice of payroll system, to provide a choice of pension schemes that meet the investment-savvy standards of its independent panel of pensions experts.

1.8 million small business owners in the UK will be required to choose, set-up and run a workplace pension for their workers in the next 18 months. If you’re one of them, you may be struggling even to understand what is needed, let alone choose a trustworthy scheme and get it running. Husky helps an employer to make an informed choice, establish it now and manage things smoothly in the future – it’s the only complete solution that allows a business to free up time with confidence.