Salary Finance


Financial Education and Inclusion


SalaryFinance is a new financial employee benefit that helps employees pay-off their debt quicker by dramatically reducing the interest payable on their existing lending.

We achieve this by deducting loan repayments directly from salary and charging a single low rate (7.9%APR) that is just one-third of the average high street bank rate for loans less than £5,000, saving employees £526 in interest payments on average. These savings typically equate to an effective pay rise of 2-3% at no cost or risk to employers.

SalaryFinance has been named one of KPMG’s Global FinTech 100, and has been recognised by Forbes as one of five fast-growing British businesses to watch in 2016 and by the FT as a truly meaningful staff benefit.

Team Members

Daniel Shakhani

Co-Founder, Salary Finance

Asesh Sarkar

CEO, Salary Finance

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