Scalable Capital

Category: Startup

Vertical: Wealth Management



Scalable Capital is a digital investment manager that provides personalised, globally diversified portfolios.

Sophisticated investment management has, until now, been reserved to an elite of very wealthy people or institutional investors. Today, Fintech start-up Scalable Capital makes investment management accessible to everyone. Using a smart, cost-effective, technology-based approach, it offers investors:

– Globally diversified ETF portfolios, tailored to their individual risk preference

– A proprietary risk management technology, which constantly monitors the risk of each portfolio to ensure it matches the selected risk limit

– No hidden fees, and a total cost of 0.75% p.a. The central component in the Scalable Capital’s investment model is its risk management technology.

Once the risk simulations predict a breach of an investor’s risk limit in the course of the next year, Scalable Capital will automatically adjust the weights of each asset class in the portfolio until the risk limit is again being met. This unique technology, using dynamic instead of static weights for each asset class, was developed in collaboration with internationally renowned Professor Stefan Mittnik. He currently holds the Chair of Financial Econometrics and is the Director of the Center for Quantitative Risk Analysis at the Ludwig Maximilian-University in Munich.