Thought Machine


Enterprise Software

Thought Machine is a UK-based growth stage technology company which builds cloud-native technology for banks.

Founded in 2014 by CEO Paul Taylor, our mission is to enable banks to deploy modern core banking and move away from the legacy platforms that plague the banking industry. Thought Machines Core banking software is called Vault.

Vault has been written from scratch as a cloud-native platform. Vault is completely flexible and can be configured to run any type of bank. Smart contracts are used to implement the full range of banking products, from mortgages to current accounts, and its workflow engine is used to define the operating model of the bank.

All data runs in real time within the system, meaning data analytics and regulatory reporting can be fully automated. APIs create the ability to have fully automated customer interaction via mobile and web applications, greatly reducing the time and effort for customer interaction.

Banks across the globe are facing multiple levels of market disruption, including everything from rising customer expectations around services, continued pressure on margins, and increased costs of developing and maintaining their IT environments for currency and regulatory compliance.

Thought Machine has gained material market traction and made three major announcements in 2018, Atom Bank and Lloyds Banking Group as customers of Vault and IBM as a strategic global delivery partner.

Team Members

Gemma Gardiner

CFO, Thought Machine

Paul Taylor

CEO, Thought Machine