Urban Jungle



Urban Jungle is here to make insurance better. As anyone who’s ever bought insurance from a traditional provider will know, there are a lot of areas for improvement. What we’re doing, essentially, is designing insurance for the 21st century, and isn’t just an online version of what our grandparents bought back in the day.

We put the user first, and we’ve built our entire product around what the consumer wants and needs. We’re making a product which is genuinely designed for renters, and we’re getting them a fair deal at the same time.

What makes us different is our dedication to making life easier for our customers by using technology to simplify each stage of the process. We’re looking at the parts of the buying experience that people have always assumed were necessary, and asking ourselves if they really need to be there. This way, our customers aren’t baffled by complicated, arbitrary questions, and everything takes much less time.

Team Members

Jimmy Williams

Co-Founder & CEO, Urban Jungle Insurance

Jonathon Pinner

Commercial Director, Urban Jungle Insurance

Upcoming Events

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