London, UK

We are a team of people uniting behind one goal; to make buying a home fair. Unmortgage is for you if you can’t afford to buy the home that you can afford to rent.

Mortgages are debt and, with us, you’re not borrowing money. Instead, our investment partners buy your home with you in full.

If you can get a mortgage for a home you love – and an independent advisor confirms it’s a good decision – you should probably consider that. We’re looking to help people who can’t get a mortgage for the home they could easily afford to rent.

It’s different because, although you don’t immediately own 100% of the home, you can treat it as your own. Paint the walls, nail up pictures and get a pet.

It’s similar to renting because you pay rent on the part you don’t yet own.

Team Members

Hugh Boyle

CFO, Unmortgage

Ray Rafiq Omar

Founder & CEO, Unmortgage