Karen Rudich MBA

CEO and Co-founder, ElementaryB

Karen has ~20 years’ experience in investment, corporate and commercial banking, including leadership roles delivering large-scale transformation programmes at Lloyds, UBS, BNP Paribas and Barclays. Most recently she was Founder/CEO of a challenger firm focussing on digital transformation and technology integration for top tier banks and cutting-edge FinTech firms.

Karen’s background started with chemical engineering and chemistry in Canada, before moving to the UK during the wave where she helped build an AIM-listed tech business.

“I moved into investment banking when the bubble was bursting and my first day was chaos with introductions to a team of quantitative developers, engineers, technical business analysts, mathematicians, traders and developers across 8 locations around the world – it was the first time I felt at home!”.

Although not a “techie”, Karen’s ability to bring customer needs, strategic commercial thinking and pragmatism to the delivery table in the complex world of banking earned her the reputation that enabled her to open her own start-up – FireDrake - in 2013, which she sold this summer. Karen is now working on her new venture, ELEMENTARYb, which will become a corporate & commercial bank to help midsized businesses in the UK thrive.

Karen is also an Angel investor and speaks about STEM to students in schools. She is a fierce promoter of inclusion and diversity and has always ensured her teams were inclusive.

Karen contributes as a speaker and mentor to the Hive Founders Network where she provides time and advice to women starting and growing their businesses.

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