GainX Inc.

Category: Startup

Vertical: Banking; Enterprise Software; Insurance; Personal Financial Management



The GainX platform helps clients drive a greater ROI on their innovation and transformation investment.

Current market pressures within the financial service sector include: a more competitive marketplace through the introduction of viable FinTech startups, costly legacy systems, changing client demographics with different requirements, the need to digitalize core services, and the global war for digital talent which are all dramatically reshaping this industry. Corporate boards are realizing that if they cannot innovate to repeatedly release new products to market AND transform their organizations to enable the efficient delivery of these innovations, they cannot remain competitive in the future. GainX has been designed to address these major innovation and transformation challenges. The GainX platform provides corporate boards and senior executive teams the data required to successfully manage multimillion-dollar innovation and transformation programmes. Leveraging the information generated through the platform’s A.I. and machine learning capabilities, our clients are able to make data driven decisions faster than competitors to keep pace with the rapidly changing market.