Category: Startup

Vertical: Wealth Management



Huddlestock opens up the hedge fund world for everyone.

Huddlestock is a financial technology company based in Level39 in London and Mess&Order in Stavanger.

We were established in mid-2014, and have developed a platform that enables everyone to harvest the benefits of low fees, brilliant investment ideas and a ease of investing that has never been done before.

Today the smartest investment managers work for the wealthiest and largest funds in the world. They do so, because it make sense to them. These funds also pay very low fees compared to the invested amount because of their size. The opposite is true for regular investors. You pay a lot of fees, and you usually invest with little or no knowledge about the financial markets.

Huddlestock changes this. We enable you to invest like hedge funds have done for decades, and we incentivise the smartest in the world to work for you, regardless of the size of your investment.