A unified voice for lending platforms that accept retail investments

The lending platform industry – a pioneer in the UK’s thriving FinTech sector – has opened up access to lending as a mainstream investment class to consumers for the first time. Retail investors can earn stable and attractive returns by lending directly through these platforms to creditworthy borrowers, including consumers, small businesses and house builders. The industry has delivered several hundred million pounds of interest for investors across the UK, including within the tax-free wrapper of the Innovative Finance ISA.

The 36H Group – named after Article 36H of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, which is the legal basis for retail investment via lending platforms – provides a unified and strong voice for lending platforms. The Group sits within Innovate Finance and works closely with regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders as well as promoting the benefits the industry is delivering, including bringing choice, competition and transparency to the lending and investment markets.

Membership of the Group is open to all lending platforms authorised and regulated by the FCA under Article 36H.


Lending platforms interested in joining the 36H group should contact us using the form below