Capital & Investment Programme

About the Capital and Investment Programme

Innovate Finance strives to facilitate greater access to capital for our FinTech members, engage closely with the venture community, deliver insight with our seminal UK VC Investment Landscape and work to ensure the UK continues to be a leading global and investment-friendly centre for FinTech. In 2019, we look forward to providing our members even more access to insights, events and tools to help them on their scaling journeys.

What is the landscape?

The UK is a world-leading centre for FinTech, with many of the world’s leading startup companies and most major international financial institutions based here. Investment trends closely follow this, evidenced by an increasing upward trend of money flowing into the sector. This is why Innovate Finance produces our seminal Investment Landscape report, to showcase the trends and investment flows for FinTech, both in the UK and globally.

What are our objectives?

  • Profile the VC Investment Landscape in the UK and globally
  • Help facilitate access to capital for FinTechs
  • Deeper engagement with investment and venture capital community
  • Support the FinTech Strategy Group as a convening force for the future of UK FinTech, focussing on access to risk capital

2018 VC FinTech Investment Landscape

Our bi-annual landscape highlighting the trends and venture capital investment in FinTech, examining the global landscape and profiling the UK.

Download the 2018 FinTech VC Investment Landscape


  • Investment in UK FinTech rose by 18% to $3.3 billion in 2018
  • Growth private equity investment rose 57% to $1.6 billion, while venture capital dipped slightly to $1.7 billion as the UK FinTech sector enters a new stage of its growth journey, ahead of its peers in Europe
  • The UK kept its position as a world leader, ranked third globally in VC investment behind China and the US
  • Global VC investment in FinTech in 2018 reached a record $36.6 billion across 2,304 deals, a 148% or 2.5x increase year over year


The 2018 FinTech VC Investment Landscape Report is based on data compiled and validated by Innovate Finance using PitchBook.

“We are excited to have another strong investor on board. With this finance from SoftBank and follow-on investment from Clermont, we will be able to continue scaling the group’s operations globally. If you’re a lender who wants to get serious about commercial lending to small and medium size growth businesses, we can help you originate and underwrite deals faster and more efficiently, as well as maintain a clearer view of how each business in your portfolio is performing. If you’re a growth business in either the UK or the US, we can help you by providing you with a customised debt finance solution that will enable you to achieve your growth ambitions.

“We have a relentless focus on helping small and medium sizes businesses across the world that are in growth mode access better financing to fund their development.These businesses are the backbone of economies and communities, as evidenced by the thousands of new homes and jobs created from the loans we’ve done so far.

– Rishi Khosla, CEO, OakNorth

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“It is very encouraging to see that investment continues to grow in the UK FinTech sector, reaffirming its position as a leading global financial and technology centre. The UK has a unique position across financial services, technological innovation, regulators and government which all play a crucial role in this impressive growth journey.

However, we should not be complacent as new challenges lie ahead; we must focus on growing our talent and capital pipeline across the UK, to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth in the future.”

Charlotte Crosswell
CEO, Innovate Finance