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About the Capital and Investment Programme

We understand that access to capital is a crucial aspect for any growing company. Opportunity and insight seem to be everywhere, but it is often difficult to cut through the noise and gain real value. Through our Investment Programme Innovate Finance is opening up access to capital for our FinTech members, providing connections to the venture community and delivering insight with out seminal UK Investment Landscape reports. The programme runs throughout the year and provides ongoing insights and events such as speed-dating between startups and investors.

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FinTech Investment Landscape 2020

Innovate Finance’s FinTech Investment Landscape features data-driven insights on the global FinTech sector. We explore the latest investment trends, top deals, European and global rankings, corporate activity, alongside other data to provide an overview capital flowing into the sector.

Highlights of the report include:

  • UK FinTech attracts $4.1bn in venture capital and ranks second globally, only behind the US.
  • Global FinTech investment reaches $44bn – an overall increase of 14% from 2019.
  • The UK dominated European FinTech investment, accounting for just under half of the $9.3 billion total – with more deals and capital invested than Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands combined.
  • H2 2020 saw a 76% YoY increase compared to H1 2020 – $2.8bn invested compared to $1.6bn.
  • Investment backing for Female FinTech Founders in the UK grew to $720 million accounting for 17% of investment – a 6% increase from 2019.

UK: $4.1 billion invested into UK FinTech , 408 deals made, Ranked 2 in the world

Europe: Switzerland $0.29 billion, Netherlands $0.29 billion, UK $4.1 billion, Germany $1.4 billion, Sweden $1.3billion, France $1.3 billion. UK FinTech Investment was higher than the next five european countries combined.

UK FinTech investment saw a 76% increase between 2019 H2 and 2020 H2. Capital invested in 2019 H2 was $1.6 billion with 253 deals. Capital invested in 2020 H2 was $2.8 billion with 186 deals. Which is a 76% H2 Year on Year Increase.


Research profiling the FinTech industry and investment trends.


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