About the FinTech National Network

Innovate Finance, FinTech Scotland and FinTech North have created a national network that will encourage innovators up and down the country to connect and form multiple FinTech hubs and centres of excellence.

The FinTech National Network will foster collaboration between the hubs and provide valuable connections to amplify their collective message. The network will focus on mutually beneficial initiatives, such as skills and talent, capital and investment, and diversity, and seek to connect respective FinTech ecosystems across the UK, as well as to international markets.

In partnership with the FinTech National Network, if you are a FinTech startup situated outside of London and the South-East of England, you are eligible for 25% off of membership at Innovate Finance.


How will the Network function?

  • Engage with stakeholders in national FinTech hubs
    including (but not limited to): startups, high growth FinTech businesses, institutional and banking partners, professional services and regulators
  • Engage with other Network partners
    to share upcoming events and mutual programmes, via a dedicated area on respective websites and social media/communication channels
  • Commit to a quarterly meeting
    to steer Network activity & identify gaps for a national strategy
  • Promote a UK-wide FinTech hub
    to communicate more effectively with international markets, government and overseas partners

What are the key themes?

  • Supporting a strategic approach to UK FinTech
    the Network will work with stakeholders to ensure that the strength of the national FinTech ecosystem is highlighted to government and regulators on an ongoing basis, and enabling a more co-ordinated and strategic approach to supporting FinTech across the UK.
  • Skills and Talent
    access to global & local talent/developing local skills/increasing diversity & financial inclusion.
  • Capital and investment
    support for initiatives enabling greater access
  • International
    connecting network hubs to international programmes that promote UK FinTech hubs and enable access to global markets.

Interested in joining the FinTech National Network

How to get involved?

  • Insights
  • Upcoming Events

FinTech Jobs Board

Supporting talent and skills in FinTech is a key priority for Innovate Finance, as we recognise this is the biggest issue for our FinTech community. Our FinTech Jobs Board is a dedicated online resource to promote all FinTech opportunities across the UK; reach into schools and universities; and bring the community together to support FinTech talent.

“Innovate Finance is a globally respected and recognised brand. As the FinTech sector continues to develop at pace outside of London, it is really encouraging to see Innovate Finance taking more proactive steps to engage on a truly national basis.
London’s role in the global FinTech economy is a significant one, but I strongly feel the regional cities of the UK have much to offer on a national and international basis, even more so if they can collaborate with each other via initiatives like the FinTech National Network.”
– Chris Sier, Chairman of FinTech North & HM Treasury FinTech Envoy