Team Members

Hayley Bromilow

Chief Operating Officer, Innovate Finance

Janine Hirt | COO
Janine Hirt

CEO, Innovate Finance

Thin Chambers

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Jackson

Director of Policy

Peter Cunnane | National & International Strategy Lead
Peter Cunnane

Director of International & National Initiatives

Roberto Napolitano

Director of Marketing and Communications

Adam Sokratous

Director of Partnerships

Helen Street

Assistant to Janine Hirt

Magdalena Kosicka

HR Director

Mike Carter | Head of Platform Lending
Mike Carter

Head of Platform Lending, 36H Group

Neil Malcolm

Head of Sponsorship Sales

Rachel Waggott

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Rashee Pandey

Head of Membership and Growth

Susan Tyler | Brand and Design Lead
Susan Tyler

Head of Design and Brand

Veronica Glab

Head of Engagement

Aimee Jerogin

Senior Event Manager

Fred Raybould | Design Associate
Fred Raybould

Graphic Designer

Joe Balinas | Marketing Manager
Joe Balinas

Head of Member Marketing

Vanessa Ioannou

Office and Finance Manager

Christopher Foo

Policy Associate

Curtis Dickson

Communications Associate

David Abadir

Policy Associate

Paul Duarte

International Associate