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“London is the world leader when it comes to FinTech, and Innovate Finance is at the core of that community. The network it’s provided us has been invaluable as we’ve grown.”

Eamon Jubbawy COO and Co-Founder, Onfido

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Your FinTech business is growing fast – with a compelling proposition. But you’re short of time, and facing new challenges every day. You need support and connections which will save you time, and support you and your leadership team.

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Your company may already be a global leader in FinTech, or a leader in a financial services segment with an eye to the way financial services will change. You want to see what’s happening with innovators, to learn, partner or acquire..

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You know how critical FinTech is to your existing and potential clients. You need to stay ahead, and keep learning. Connecting into the fast-moving FinTech ecosystem is invaluable to generate thought leadership, and position you firmly as a leader in this space.

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You understand the value of the FinTech sector for the UK economy and find its growth story compelling. That’s why you invest in it. But you know that the more connected with the ecosystem you are, the more you’ll learn and the smarter your investment strategy will be.

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Whether an incubator, an accelerator who actively supports a range of FinTechs, or a regional, national or international FinTech Ecosystem, you know how important connections, inspiration and ideas are for FinTechs to thrive.

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