Augmentum Fintech Launches “TeenVC”

30th March 2020 | Blogs

By Augmentum Fintech


A virtual internship in Venture Capital for teenagers 

How entrepreneurs attract finance - a taster study programme for teenagers

London 30th March 2020: Augmentum Fintech (“Augmentum” or the “Company”), the UK’s only publicly listed fintech venture capital fund, announces the launch of its TeenVC programme. 

TeenVC seeks to engage teenagers (target age range 14-18 years) in a distance learning programme throughout April in which students can learn the basics of venture capital and how investment decisions are made by VCs, via a free digital education platform:

The programme involves ten modules comprising videos, articles and quizzes covering different elements of the VC industry, with a new module being released every Tuesday and Thursday throughout April. The programme will seek to both educate and entertain participants and will cover topics such as the fundraising process, what VCs look for in businesses, and careers. The content will be complimented by videos from individuals across the industry sharing their thoughts and experiences in an easily digestible manner, and virtual Q&As. 

We hope as many as possible will complete the program but also have created an element of competition as well. The initiative will close with "The TeenVC Challenge", a deal-sourcing exercise that students can complete for their chance to be selected for an exclusive “VC Insights Experience” with Augmentum Fintech this year. 

Tim Levene, CEO of Augmentum Fintech, said: “At a time when teenagers are at home with more time on their hands, we thought we’d help break the boredom in an engaging, educational manner, helping teens from all walks of life learn about VC, tech and entrepreneurship. We had several educational initiatives planned this year that we have modified in light of COVID-19, including working with social mobility charity The Sutton Trust. We decided to launch TeenVC to continue the work digitally, educating young people about an industry rarely talked about in careers education in schools and colleges. This programme will also be of benefit to those thinking of starting their own business when they finish full- time education – knowing how start-ups can pitch for and win investment is key to any successful entrepreneur”. 


For further information: Nigel Szembel or +44 (0)7802 362088 

Augmentum invests in fast growing fintech businesses that are disrupting the financial services sector. Augmentum is the UK’s only publicly listed investment company focusing on the fintech sector in the UK and wider Europe, having launched on the main market of the London Stock Exchange in 2018, giving businesses access to patient capital and support, unrestricted by conventional fund timelines and giving public markets investors access to a largely privately held investment sector during its main period of growth. 

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