Discover how to measure your corporate donations and time allocated to volunteering

By Global Processing Services

Whilst individual giving and government grants continue to be some of the main contributors to charitable fundraising in the UK, in the last few years, British companies have given a huge amount simply through donations or volunteering time to charities or to their local community. Whether it’s getting a team of colleagues to run a marathon and fundraising, holding a charity bake sale, or creating fun challenges within the office, companies have now begun to recognise the value of engaging employees in their charitable giving. However it isn’t just about the monetary donation, in addition to this, some companies provide the opportunity for their employees to dedicate their time through skilled or unskilled work to support the needs of their local community or selected charity.

Implementing workplace giving programs gives employees the opportunity to make a positive impact, and a huge number of people say their job is more fulfilling when they’re provided with the option to make a difference to social and environmental issues.

Social responsible initiatives that companies undertake have proven to contribute largely to how the company and brand will be perceived positively by employees, consumers and investors. However, it is still difficult for some companies to truly measure the value of these corporate contributions.

At Global Processing Services, we have just recently discovered a great tool that enables companies to understand what their contributions are worth and we thought we’d share it with you!

GivX is a free, simple and confidential tool used to analyse and benchmark the giving within your organisation. One of the best aspect of this free tool is you can not only measure your donations but also put a value to any time volunteered by an employee.

This is how it works: after submitting the relevant information, each business is provided with an annual score which shows the pound value of what you give for each person at your firm. This score, and your performance for each of the six giving types, can then be compared with other companies across sectors and size to help you to understand how you match up.

Understanding your GivX score allows you to celebrate your community investment and communicate the great work you are doing within your industry. As GivX is keen to acknowledge the work that corporate organisations are putting into their giving, there is also the opportunity to be put forward for prestigious awards across different company sizes and sectors in order to honour business efforts.

The more companies who take part in GivX, the more useful the insights. In 2019 the aim is to grow GivX to 140 participating organisations and add both a number of additional sector benchmarks and sector-specific awards. For the first time, GivX 2019 will also include some qualitative questions for participants, which will provide more of an insight into what resources and strategies high-performing community investors are using to excel.

We encourage all our partners, clients and peers to sign up to GivX this year so we as an industry can all demonstrate together how we are trying to make a difference for our communities and those in need.

To get involved simply access the GivX online portal between the 2nd April and the 28th June 2019, you can also find out more information by contacting Doug@benefacto.or and view last year’s report via