Earthchain leverages Open Banking to deliver Carbon Intelligence

24th May 2022 | Blogs, Member News

Leeds based Climate Fintech startup Earthchain has release an app for Android, iOS and web, which allows users to connect their bank accounts via partner Plaid's open banking integration. The Carbon Intelligence app estimates the CO2 emissions based on user's spending habits and delivers aggregated insights on where to focus efforts to reduce. For residual emissions which cannot be reduced any further, Earthchain has partnered with Gold Standard to provide one-click certified carbon offsets by the gram instead of by the tonne.


About Earthchain

Earthchain enables banks and retailers to help their customers live more sustainably by delivering Carbon Intelligence to the point of user experience.

Consumers who are given information about the impact of their purchases change their behaviour to shop more sustainably. Banks and retailers who engage their customers on sustainability will successfully navigate the transition to a greener economy. Earthchain provides an API platform for integration into financial institutions online apps, e-commerce checkout integrations for online merchants, and an open-banking powered Carbon Intelligence app for individuals. We have built a digital Carbon Ledger for certified carbon offsets, enabling fully auditable carbon offsetting by the gram while maintaining the integrity of the carbon market. 

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