FinTech Spotlight: Catherine Wines, Non-Executive Director & Co-Founder, WorldRemit

13th June 2019 | Blogs

What sets London apart from other FinTech Hubs? 

London is the FinTech capital of the world. As a city home to nearly 300 nationalities and almost as many languages, the city’s diversity strengthens its workforce. This deep, diverse pool of talent – particularly in financial services and in technology – as well as a concentration of investors a forward-thinking regulator all helped London stand apart in the dynamic sector of FinTech. 

Where are you based in London and why did you choose that neighbourhood? 

Our office is based in Victoria in Central London, which offers transport links throughout the city. We chose to base our HQ in London due to access to capital, diverse talent and a growing migrant population with a strong appetite for low-cost digital alternatives to send their money back home.

Name your favourite accelerators and workspaces in the City

Level 39, Wayra, Rise London

Name your London Business Idol 

Rather than naming one name, let’s celebrate all the great entrepreneurs who have set up highly successful tech businesses in London including so many amazing female founders. 

Any tips for budding entrepreneurs?  

  • Build your network
  • Be resilient
  • Believe in yourself
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