FinTech Spotlight: Q&A Ian Howard, Director at Neotas

11th June 2019 | Blogs

What sets London apart from other FinTech Hubs?

Diversity. Because London sits at the heart of the financial services system it attracts global talent.

Where are you based in London and why did you choose that neighbourhood?

We are based at Austin Friars – near to clients, secure (as we deal with sensitive data, open working space isn’t an option for us!) and to accommodate our growth.

Name your favourite accelerators and workspaces in the City

Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab and PwC’s Scale and Raise Programme – both were great.

Any tips for budding entrepreneurs?

  1. Be Resilient- the journey will have plenty of ups and downs!
  2. Seize Support- There is a lot of opportunity for support through business mentors and experienced professionals who want to see you succeed as a start-up, so seize it!
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