Kinnevik Has Adopted a Diversity and Inclusion Framework to Drive Change

12th November 2019 | Blogs

Published by Kinnevik, 06 May 2019


Diversity & Inclusion


In spring of 2019, Kinnevik announced that it has adopted a Diversity & Inclusion framework to drive change within Kinnevik and our portfolio, not only from an equality standpoint but, most importantly, from a business and performance perspective.



“Kinnevik wants to be a front-runner in pushing for diversity and inclusion, and by adopting a clear framework, we have set targets to make this happen. The Board continues to focus on the execution of the framework, and I look forward to reporting back to our stakeholders as we progress.” – Dame Amelia Fawcett, Chairman of the Board


“With an increased commitment to diversity and inclusion, Kinnevik will build stronger and better companies. I am convinced that clear ambitions and measurable performance indicators will increase our focus on diversity and inclusion even further and create shareholder value.” – Georgi Ganev, CEO


Overarching Targets

  • 40/60 Composition – by end of 2022 Kinnevik shall have a 40/60 composition (at least 40% of the underrepresented gender) in the Management team as well as in the Investment and Corporate teams
  • 10% Female Capital – from 2019 and onwards, at least 10% of the annual investment budget shall be reserved for investments in female-founded or led companies. If the 10% is not invested, it will roll over and increase next year’s earmark to 20%
  • No Follow-Ons – Kinnevik will only consider making follow-on investments in companies that it believes have made progress in relation to diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership – all Kinnevik managers are to be measured on diversity and inclusion, and the results will be linked to their remuneration
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