Launching UK FinTech Week

By Tom Pallot, Strategist at digital PR and video agency TopLine Comms

Data released by Innovate Finance shows that the UK ranks third globally for FinTech investment (behind only the US and China) with $3.3 bn of investment in UK fintech businesses in 2018. 

Undoubtedly these are impressive stats, but the challenge ahead is to maintain this level of success and continue the sector’s growth – regardless of the on-going political and economic uncertainty. And that’s what UK FinTech Week (UKFW) is all about. 

UKFW celebrates the innovation, openness and collaboration that has made this country a leading global FinTech hub. Launched in April this year, it was designed to support the UK’s momentum in this international industry.

At TopLine, we assisted with PR for Innovate Finance’s big launch. Here’s what we did and how we did it.

Launching a new initiative from scratch

As a brand-new entity, awareness for UKFW had to be built from the ground up. This presented both a challenge, and in equal measure, an opportunity to engage with the energetic and positive FinTech community. And there were plenty of opportunities to get our voices heard.

Standing out from the crowd

In a sector where there is always a lot of competition for coverage, during UKFW there was even more. From the Innovate Finance Global Summit – the flagship event of UKFW – with its own various announcements, to the multitude of FinTech company media releases and launches. Ensuring the overarching messaging behind UKFW was heard amongst all the other activity was key. We took full advantage of the massive opportunity to leverage all of the movement as a vehicle for the UKFW messaging. 

The strategy

We knew that building momentum before UKFW would be key to getting journalists and FinTechs excited for the announcements and events that the week would bring. We took a three-pronged approach to this:

Social media channels: We launched and filled the UKFW social media channels with plenty of channel specific content and ideas for creative campaigns to celebrate FinTech businesses nationwide. We used a mixture of organic and sponsored activity to encourage email sign-ups and event registrations. Social allowed us to fully leverage the marketing collateral designed by the Innovate Finance team and helped build awareness by directly engaging UKFW partners, and the wider FinTech industry.

Newsletters: We created a regular newsletter in the preceding months to promote the myriad of events available to attend around the country during the week, gradually building momentum.

Media relations: We designed a phased PR strategy that allowed us to make the most of our carefully cultivated journalist networks, alongside the Innovate Finance team’s considerable expertise and insight. This included news generated from research reports, opinion-led interviews and media briefings with key UKFW spokespeople during the week itself. 

The results

Our plan worked! We got millions of impressions on social (rumour has it that at one point, UKFW was trending above Game of Thrones), and plenty of national, trade and FinTech media coverage, including 100+ instances of UKFW’s key messages. 

In many ways, the most important result was that UKFW was a success – for FinTechs and the industry, for the government, for trade bodies and for the media. It went a long way to supporting the original goals of keeping UK at the forefront of FinTech from an investment, regulation and talent perspective. 

It truly was a celebration of the energy and collaboration that has made UK FinTech what it is today. We’re very much looking forward to seeing what next year brings. For more information on TopLine Comms, visit: and