SalaryFits and PeopleStrong Join Forces for Financial Wellbeing Benefits in India

26th April 2019 | Blogs

By SalaryFits, 7 March 2019

India – On 15th February in ITC Maratha, Mumbai, PeopleStrong held its annual product launch event called “AltifyHR 2019”. During the event, SalaryFits was showcased as one of Employee Benefits Partner on PeopleStrong’s Alt One platform that connects more than 200+ leading organizations and more than 700,000+ employees, across India.

“This event was a great opportunity to highlight our partnership and to be part of the prestigious Annual Product Launch by PeopleStrong. We strongly believe, our association will help to promote Financial Wellbeing as an Employee Benefit in India”, said Ankit Varliani, Director – Business Development, SalaryFits India.

PeopleStrong is the largest HR Technology company in Asia. On its journey to writing the #NewCodeofWork, PeopleStrong delivers its technology and services in one offering, using its on-demand technology product PeopleStrong Alt, which has distilled tens of thousands of hours of ‘natural research and development (R&D) — a decade long experience of servicing the HR functions of top Indian companies.

SalaryFits is a company focused on empowering individuals through their salaries. By leveraging the existing relationship that employees have with their employers, SalaryFits allows different ranges of providers to offer fairer financial products compared to the ones available in the market.

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