Shining A Spotlight on Financial Inclusion: Wiserfunding

14th July 2019 | Blogs

Gabriele Sabato, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Wiserfunding

How does your business help financial inclusion in fifty words?

Wiserfunding’s mission is to spread a common language of credit by providing the same set of credit risk analyses to both lenders and borrowers. We help improving financial inclusion of SMEs by educating them and assisting to create a credit risk culture to restore trust in the financial system.

What’s the biggest opportunity for FinTechs trying to improve financial inclusion?

The biggest opportunity is to be able to make the difference by providing services that either do not exist or are not offered in an efficient and digital way. Promoting financial inclusion should be the main objective of every fintech as only by increasing the size of the market, we can achieve better results for everybody and ultimately increase the efficiency of the market.

And the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is to find the way to be heard. Sometimes it is hard for a small startup to find the right audience, network and clients. To make big changes, time is needed, but startups don’t have a lot of time and risk losing sight of their ambitions just to bring home some quick wins.

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