Spend On Online Gaming Surges As Kids Use Chore Money To Stay Entertained During Lockdown

22nd April 2020 | Blogs

By gohenry


New data also shows it pays to be tidy, with over £1m earned from cleaning bedrooms 

New data released by gohenry – the prepaid Visa debit card and app for kids aged 6 to 18 – shows online spending by its UK customers has jumped by 65% in the first two weeks of lockdown, with Nintendo, Playstation, and Microsoft some of the most popular outlets (up 152%, 70% and 64% respectively ), as kids look to stay 1 connected with friends and keep entertained. New channel Disney+ has also proved a huge hit with under-18s, with a massive 1,159% leap in spend there since its official launch last month. 

Meanwhile, with the recent run of warm weather, parents have been keeping their children occupied and active at home by setting them more complex outdoor tasks, with big increases in earning through gardening (+159%) and washing the car (+85%) seen since the lockdown. 

The bigger picture 

As gohenry celebrates its 1 million customer milestone, the company is also providing a fascinating insight into how Generation-Z earns pocket money, and what they like to spend it on. 

Since gohenry was started in 2012, children across the UK have earned more than £1m from tidying their bedrooms. The figures show that a spotless room is the most popular way to earn pocket money from parents, followed by loading/emptying the dishwasher, doing homework and making the bed. 

Top 10 most rewarded chores 

  1. Tidy room £1,003,996
  2. Load/empty dishwasher £394,264
  3. Do homework £393,606
  4. Make bed £263,823
  5. Do vacuuming £220,387
  6. Read £170,071
  7. Empty bin/recycling £153,131
  8. Put clothes away £141,043
  9. Feed pets £119,917 
  10. Brush teeth £92,185 

1 gohenry data taken from Monday 23 March 2020 to Monday 6 April 2020 compared to the same period four weeks prior to the government’s lockdown (Monday 24 February 2020 to Monday 9 March 2020) 

* gohenry user data since 2012 * UK only 

In 2019 alone, gohenry cardholders in the UK earned more than £97m in pocket money and were paid in excess of £2.3m for completing tasks around the house. 

The gohenry data also reveals that gaming has long been a popular pastime for UK kids, with £14.6m pocket money spent on Microsoft products since 2012, followed by Amazon (£11.4m) and PlayStation (£9.2m). 

Tesco is children’s physical store of choice (£8.8m), while McDonald’s is their favourite place to eat and drink (£6.9m), way ahead of Costa (£1.1m) and Starbucks (£1.1m). 

gohenry launched in 2012 to help young people learn good money habits and has just reached one million customers around the world. Kids can personalise their cards and set savings goals, monitor their spending or donate to gohenry’s charity partner, the NSPCC. 

Parents have their own app where they can automatically pay pocket money into their child’s account, set spending limits, and create regular or one-off tasks for children to earn money in return. 

Henry Symonds (19), gohenry’s first ever cardholder and namesake, had a gohenry card from age 11 years old. He comments, “Once I had my card I remember saving up for a pair of football boots. Until that point I’d never really paid attention to what things cost but having an app that tracks what you save and spend really helped me realise the value of money. It wasn’t something I’ve ever been taught elsewhere but it’s definitely a life-skill I’m glad to have as an adult.” 

gohenry Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Louise Hill added: “We launched gohenry to give young people the freedom to learn and take control of their spending in a safe environment. It’s great to see kids earning money from an early age and then choosing to spend or save it – I wish tidying my room had been so lucrative when I was a child!” 

“Money management is a vital life skill and we are very conscious of the role we can play to help our young customers become confident in digital spending, particularly during this period of social-distancing that has accelerated the change in how we interact with money." 

Later this year, gohenry will launch a new card designed specially for teenagers, with app features tailored to older children, including the option to have a wage paid to their gohenry account, teen-focused rewards and new app content, all with the same unique family controls. 

For more information on gohenry, please visit www.gohenry.co.uk


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About gohenry 

Launched in the UK in 2012, gohenry is a prepaid Visa debit card and app with unique parent controls designed exclusively for 6-18 year-olds to help them learn good money habits in an increasingly cashless society. 

gohenry’s innovative app gives young people the freedom to learn and take charge of their own spending and saving in a safe environment, while the app's parent version allows parents to guide kids through the early stages of digital finance. 

Having expanded into the US with Mastercard, gohenry is building a global movement of over one million users who fiercely believe that being good with money is a vital life skill. 

For more information please visit gohenry.co.uk, or gohenry.com in the US. 

In the UK the gohenry card is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited pursuant to a licence from Visa Europe. IDT Financial Services Limited is a regulated bank, licensed by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar. Registered office: 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. Registered No. 95716. 

In the US the gohenry card is issued by Community Federal Saving Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to licence by Mastercard International. 

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