White Paper // Journey to Multi-Cloud

Posted by Gareth Williams on 09/05/19


“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single business in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a cloud.” (With apologies to Jane Austin).

The Rise of the Cloud

The rise of the cloud in modern business use has been meteoric. Since the launch of AWS in March 2006, there has been a fundamental shift in how and where businesses run and operate their IT infrastructure. Traditionally, IT was run onpremise, within datacentres, and under the total control of the IT department. Security, scalability, availability, compatibility, performance were all important considerations and systems and processes were designed and invested in accordingly.  

Rapid cloud adoption has meant that a lot of IT is run othird party shared infrastructurewith infrastructure that is no longer in direct control of the IT department and the characteristics of how the environment operates are purchased as products to improve or tailor performance. Security, scalability, availability, compatibility, performance continue to be primary considerations for any design and implementation 

The IDC noted in their paper ‘The Salesforce Economy’ that cloud spend will grow at six times the rate of general IT expenditure through to 2020. However, that delegation of accountability to third party vendors has brought with it both opportunities and challenges. 


The full white paper discusses the impact of the following:

  • The rise of the cloud
  • Opportunities of the cloud
  • Challenges of the cloud
  • Factors driving growth of multi-cloud
  • Steps to completing the multi-cloud journey