Zorion partners with WealthOS to support their international expansion

31st January 2023 | Blogs, Member News

Zorion partners with WealthOS to support their international expansion

  • Zorion has chosen WealthOS as their strategic back and middle office technology partner, supporting international market expansion plans.

  • WealthOS will support Zorion’s expansion plans to push out their mobile platform in Malaysia, Bahrain and thereafter, expand into the UK.

31 January 2023 London (UK). In signing a master service agreement, Zorion Technology Limited (“Zorion”), taps into WealthOS' robust operating system for digital wealth management ecosystems, reaping the benefits of their cloud-native infrastructure, modular features, third party integrations marketplace, as well as fully automated and orchestrated workflows.

Zorion is an investment app that empowers potential investors to create long-term investment plans that are profitable, but also good for the planet, have a positive social impact and are fully in line with individual values such as Shariah Compliant stocks and ESG stocks.

WealthOS is a cloud-native operating system providing the backend technology, infrastructure and processes for digital investing, retirement and wealth management products.

Zorion will use  WealthOS’ core digital wealth management modules, including client onboarding, transactions, securities (whole and fractional stocks and ETFs), trade order management, recordkeeping, payments, transfers, as well as different account types and tax wrappers.

With support from WealthOS, Zorion expands their plans geographically to push out their mobile platform in Malaysia, Bahrain and thereafter, expand into the UK.

WealthOS' single platform is truly global, providing Zorion with a consistent backend technology and operational experience in each target region. This makes it easy for Zorion to export its digital wealth management platform from one region to another, opening the doors for speedy market entry. This partnership allows Zorion to focus on developing a great customer experience while the WealthOS backend infrastructure keeps pace with Zorion’s plans for market expansion across each targeted region.

Regardless of investment or trading experience, Zorion is a one-stop platform for investors who desire to invest in diversified investment portfolios that bring in long-term growth, aligning with their ethical, legal, social, and spiritual values.

Zoltan Bourne, Founder/CEO, Zorion

"WealthOS allows us to focus on the things that matter, instead of reinventing the wheel, allowing us to hit the market faster. We will strategically migrate our backend to the WealthOS platform to better support our go-to-market plans.”

Anton Padmasiri, Co-founder/CEO, WealthOS

“We created WealthOS to support the next generation of digital wealth management products, and with Zorion we get to help them scale their unique value proposition faster and cheaper, so clients get to invest in their futures in the way that aligns with their values and beliefs.”



About Zorion 

Zorion Technology Limited is a visionary early-stage fintech start-up company that creates innovative investment solutions for the individual investor regardless of their investment experience. The platform's primary focus is to make available a legal, safe, reliable, ethical, fully regulated, and compliant mobile platform allowing retail clients to build diversified investment portfolios for long-term growth. By developing a one-stop shop to suit everyone's needs, from buying a single stock to building complex portfolios.

About WealthOS

WealthOS is the cloud-native, modularised operating system SaaS for digital wealth management products. Founded in 2019 and currently available in the UK, WealthOS helps wealth managers to achieve their digital transformation and product launches three times faster and 40% cheaper. As a minority-founded business, operating across the UK and Sri Lanka, we firmly believe in building digital infrastructure that enables equitable financial access for everyone, everywhere. Learn more at www.wealthos.cloud or follow us on Linkedin.

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