Lead Innovator



Chase UK launched in 2021 having been purpose-built with UK customers in mind. We are located in London, with an Edinburgh-led Support Team.
We focus on delivering a world-class customer experience and building trust and confidence with our customers.
As a digitally led bank, we offer:
  • Intuitive and easy digital onboarding
  • Stand out mobile app with simple navigation
  • Ability to open, customise and close up to 20 additional accounts instantly (e.g. to save towards goals, to budget spending etc.)
  • Numberless debit card to reduce fraud, that can be linked with any account to allow direct spending
  • Cashback on debit spend
  • Easy access savings
  • Ability to earn interest on round-ups
  • 24/7 customer service
Chase Rewarding Futures:
We’ve thought carefully about how we can support underserved communities across the UK. Through our ‘Chase Rewarding Futures’ initiative, we'll invest in a series of programmes to make a positive and measurable impact on people’s lives. Our first programme will focus on children’s literacy with an initial £1m commitment. We’ll transform 150 school libraries to instil a love of reading from an early age.