Convex Foundation

Startup Innovator

Banking, Digital currency / Blockchain, Money Transfers and FX, Payments, Other


The Convex Foundation provides Layer1 DLT for dApps at 100,000 TPS with global scale consensus in less than a second. Tiered smart contracts secure atomic transactions for deFi, insuretech, gaming and retail purchases at consumer level. The testnet is freely available to use; with a mobile wallet toolkit, live sandbox and command line interface. The full-technology stack is optimised for fast performance, security and efficiency – orders of magnitude faster than traditional blockchains. The Convex Virtual Machine uses a unique Convergent Proof of Stake protocol, allowing millions of users to benefit at less much less than a penny per transaction.

Convex Enterprise develops dApps for clients who can profit from high volume business transactions that need speed, security and decentralised that are not achievable or affordable via any other protocol. Enterprise dApp ledgers use Convex tokens (coins) as the underlying 'currency', purchased from a tokenomics bonding curve governed by the Foundation.

Team Members

Mike Anderson