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In the UK, there is £50 billion in dormant assets due to 20 million people. IntelliTeq has built Gretel, a state-of-the-art AI-driven platform to help corporates across all financial sectors to reconnect with their customers and get their money back via a frictionless digital concierge experience.

At IntelliTeq, our vision is to create a community empowered by technology that enables engagement, fairness and financial clarity for all its members.

We are focused on two key things:

i) Helping our members to find the path back to assets and investments which have become "lost in the system"; ii) Empowering our members to feel more in charge of the financial lives and futures.

We have built "Gretel" (, a free to consumer digital hub that uses modern technology to seamlessly interface with an ecosystem of financial institutions to deliver a one stop shop for finding and recovering lost assets. Through a network of partners, we are also able to connect our members with products and services that will help them stay connected with their assets and provide options for making the most of out their money.

Gretel is part of IntelliTeq, led by Duncan Stevens, Tom Simmonds and Ashley Hollands, with over 60 years of experience in financial services and technology between them.

Team Members

Ashley Hollands

Chief Technology Officer, IntelliTeq

Tom Simmonds

Chief Operating Officer, IntelliTeq


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