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Business Lending, SaaS

Founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, OakNorth is the creator of the ON Credit Intelligence Suite - proven cloud software that transforms commercial lending by helping banks build deeper relationships with their clients, unlocking new opportunities, and delivering credit analysis 10x faster than traditional models – with lower risk and greater efficiency.

Credit Intelligence is a data-driven technology that gives lenders a bottoms-up, granular, forward-looking view at both the borrower and portfolio level, based on expansive and dynamic data sets and sub-sector specific scenarios. It deploys automated, continuous analysis of multiple drivers across  a borrower's business, its peer group and the wider economy. This provides an independent, consistent, detailed framework that offers deep contextual insight and enables rapid underwriting, immediate stress-testing and more agile and targeted strategic lending.

Built over five years by a team of 250 credit scientists and software engineers, it has powered OakNorth Bank in the UK into the top 1% of banks globally, measured by ROE and efficiency, enabling it to profitably manage a multi-billion-dollar commercial lending portfolio with no credit losses to date. The ON Credit Intelligence Suite is available to banks across the world, enabling them to realize the benefits of lending smarter, lending faster and lending more. In addition to being deployed within OakNorth Bank in the UK, the software is also being deployed with a number of otther leading banks globally, including: PNC Bank, SMBC, Customers Bank, Modern Bank, and NIBC.

Team Members

Nick Lee

Head of Regulatory Affairs, OakNorth

Rishi Khosla

CEO & Co-founder, OakNorth

Valentina Kristensen

Director of Growth & Communications, OakNorth


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