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Qokoon is an AI financial analysis and reporting software available as SaaS.

Our software links to your accounting system (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks, Excel upload...) and within seconds generates financial analysis of your accounts (P&L, BS and CF) and prepares the financial monthly report, including written commentary).

Qokoon can help CFOs and finance teams become a more important part of their organizations by:
• Reducing the amount of time they spend with manual tasks (e.g. number crunching, report preparation)
• Obtaining a better and faster understanding of their financial performance
• Easier communicating financial performance and insights to others (CFO, board, investors, bank...)
• Improve their financial management/performance
• Making better decisions based on sophisticated data analysis

Qokoon's main features include:
• My Dashboard (user can select what to include: KPIs, Trends, cost alerts, commentaries…)
• Key Insights – Executive summary
• KPIs – Dynamic selection of KPIs
• Analyse – P&L, BS and CF (Analyse your accounts and drill down from big picture to detail)
• Anomalies – Qokoon detects anomalies in your P&L, BS and CF (we have discovered bookkeeping errors and fraud)
• Profit Centre – Suggestions to reduce costs and improve profits
• Financials – See your accounts in table format, with automated variance analysis
• Instant Reports – Your monthly report ready to print, including commentary (Analysing Month, Year to Date Analysis, Last twelve months, Balance Sheet and Trends)