Scroll Finance

Startup Innovator

Consumer Lending, Other


Scroll is a next-generation, cloud-native, digital-first, FinTech that is being built from the ground up specifically for homeowners and landlords. With its smart and simple financial solutions, Scroll will enable homeowners and landlords to unlock their home or property equity to fund home improvements, property investments, debt consolidation, and elderly care costs at competitive rates. Scroll launched in late 2021 with an innovative MVP for UK landlords. The founders have significant experience in the UK mortgage and related sectors (including fintech), as engineers, product owners and investors. They have a very ambitious growth plan for Scroll, aiming to disrupt the vast secured lending market in the UK and beyond, and to build a global leader in home equity lending.

Team Members

Ashish Kashyap

Founder & CEO

Vaibhav Tiwari

Founder & CPO