Blockchain FS Technology Forum

Location: CCT Venues Plus-Docklands Thames Quay 193 Marsh Wall London E14 9SG United Kingdom

Date: 07/11/2018

Time: 08:03 AM - 05:00 PM

The financial services industry has been quick to recognise the transformative impact that blockchain technology could have on global operations and client interactions, and, as a result, financial services companies are heavily involved in its development.

As the Financial Times put it: ‘banks could use blockchain technology for everything from recording and updating of customer identities to the clearing and settlement of lands and securities’. The technology promises more efficient, secure and easily scalable banking transactions than the existing banking model. It will fundamentally change the way that the industry approaches the movement of assets and execution of contracts. However, the potential of blockchain has not yet been fully realised.

The 2nd Annual Blockchain FS Technology Forum, which will take place in London on November 7th, will address blockchain technology from a user-led point of view and will analyse its potential for the financial services industry – particularly its infrastructure – in the UK and beyond.

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