Building Optionality in a Rapidly Changing Funding Environment

Date: 09 February 2023

Time: 08:30 - 10:00

Location: EY Offices, 1 More London Pl, London SE1 2AF


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Maintaining optionality can empower founders to finance their start-up’s growth in the most cost-effective way. What are your options, how should you keep funding your business with the most optimally formulated fuel, have you considered the true cost of capital that’s associated with each funding option?During this seminar, EY and Innovate Finance will explore new path of maximum optionality and discuss

  • Merits of wider range of funding sources
  • Understanding founders’ inclination to seek out alternatives to venture capital to fund their growing businesses
  • Extending the cash runway and avoiding “down rounds” in current environment

For the presentation on building optionality and a range of funding sources. The speakers are :

  • Axe Ali, EY Partner and Head of Financial Services Private Equity, Venture Capital & Value Creation
  • Keri Elborn, EY Partner and Head of Financial Services M&A

Additionally, we will have a panel discussion representing Venture Capital,  Venture Debt, Revenue based financing, Crowdfunding. The speakers are :

  • Daniel Sinclair-Taylor, Head of Partnerships, YouLend
  • Kirsty Grant, Chief Investment Officer, Seedrs
  • Craig Fox, Managing Director, Fintech Venture & Growth Banking, SVB
  • Nikita Tchesnokov, Partner, Gauss Ventures
  • Vikram Dhingra, Principal, Un-bound