The Regulation of Listed Companies Summit

Date: 16 June 2022

Time: 08:55 - 17:00

Location: London Venue


invite only

City & Financial Global’s Regulation of Listed Companies Summit, taking place on 16th June, is the definitive forum for listed companies, prospective issuers and their professional advisers to explore the next generation of regulatory reforms and what they mean in practice for companies, company directors and investors.

Since our last Summit in September 2021, a great deal has happened and the programme has been comprehensively revised and updated to take account of the latest wave of reforms. One of the key changes is the Treasury’s proposed reform of the Financial Reporting Council and the introduction of a Sarbanes-Oxley style approach to internal controls and governance which is, or should be, at the top of every boardroom agenda.

The Summit will focus on how companies can access capital more quickly, efficiently and cheaply, including the impact of the Secondary Markets Capital Raising Review, the Treasury’s recent changes to the Prospectus Regime and whether this will enable public markets to compete more effectively over privately raised capital.

Other issues to be addressed include additional regulatory reporting requirements such as TCFD reporting; satisfying investor expectations in relation to climate change, sustainability and ESG reporting and diversity and inclusion reporting. Finally, the Summit will look at how effective the reforms introduced at the end of last year in relation to dual class share structures and reducing the size of the free float have been in attracting high growth and tech companies to list on the UK market and what more needs to be done to make the rest of the Hill Report a reality.

We are delighted that Clare Cole, Director of Market Oversight at the FCA has agreed to give a keynote address at the Summit.


  • The FCA’s second phase of reform of the Listing Rules to increase transparency and encourage more market participation
  • Latest moves towards more effective governance, transparency and internal controls for listed companies
  • The Treasury’s new UK Prospectus Regime: who does it benefit – companies or investors?
  • Has recalibrating the Prospectus Regime made it more fit for purpose? Do the new rules facilitate capital raising and make the process simpler and more agile?
  • The results of the Secondary Markets Capital Raising Review for listed companies and their shareholders: reforming the conventional rights issue to increase cost-effective access to liquidity
  • Liability for listed company directors and their auditors under the proposed new rules: what are the implications for directors personally? Will it lead to greater transparency and accountability for investors?
  • The public vs private dichotomy: how can public markets compete more effectively?
  • To what extent have the initial reforms to the Listing Regime led to the anticipated increase in London listings?
  • Successes and challenges in attracting the high growth, tech companies to the UK market. Has reducing the size of the free float and the introduction of dual class shares structures had an impact? What else should be done to encourage companies to list in the UK?
  • TCFD Reporting: Critical issues for listed companies
  • The investor’s perspective on climate change, sustainability and climate related disclosure and reporting
  • The practical implications of incorporating diversity reporting into the listing rules
  • What more needs to be done to implement the remainder of Lord Hill’s recommendations?