Ukraine Aid Forum

Date: 11 March 2022

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Location: Zoom webinar


open invitation

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has motivated people to respond rapidly to offer humanitarian support to people in Ukraine and those seeking refuge across Europe.

The FinTech community has taken action and is keen to do more to  support effective humanitarian assistance.  As the voice of this community in the UK, Innovate Finance is committed to maximising this humanitarian effort. On Friday 11th March, our team will host a Forum for our community to discuss how to support staff and civilians based in Ukraine and refugees abroad. Hosted online and moderated by Innovate Finance, this forum features guest speakers from our membership sharing their own best practises. 

This one-hour session will focus on current humanitarian aid to civilians and refugees affected by this crisis. In a short panel-style discussion with the moderator, our guests will discuss the specifics of their initiatives, current challenges and best practices. Following the discussion, Innovate Finance will open the floor for guests to ask questions about how they can contribute.

This first session will be part of a broader Innovate Finance series covering topics on the evolving situation, also including sanctions implementation and cyber resilience. We kindly ask our community to note that, rather than being a place to showcase the achievements of FinTech, the Ukraine Aid Forum is an opportunity for members to take meaningful action and see how we can maximise our impact.