Women in FinTech Workshop: How to Negotiate a Payrise or Package in 6 Easy Steps

Date: 19 September 2019

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Innovate Finance, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London EC2M 2PP

open invitation

Workshop Presenters:

Camila Reed, Managing Director and Co-founder of Global Voice

Sara Wachter, Managing Director and Co-founder of Global Voice

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Why Attend This Course?

Women around the world live with the gender pay gap, from an average 20% in the UK to 39% in the Middle East. The World Economic Forum says it will take 217 years to close the gap. Are you prepared to wait that long or would you like to do something about it now?

Global Voice have identified six practical steps to help you bridge the gender pay gap. They will show you how to overcome those uncomfortable conversations around pay, learn strategies through role play, boost your influencing skills in a safe environment and start to plan out what you can do to negotiate a pay rise or package.

Research shows that women either don’t negotiate or are not as successful as men when they do, so they need concrete tools to get better pay and conditions. When women have gone through training, research in the US shows they double their ability to get a pay rise.

This workshop is reserved for Innovate Finance members. Due to a limited number of spaces this workshop is first come, first served so register today to avoid disappointment.


Presenter Bios:

Camila Reed is the co-founder of Global-Voice. She is a communications and digital media expert, working globally, who has been involved in product launches and developing digital content for clients in the legal and financial sectors. She trains government leaders and executives from the private sector and NGOs around the globe to get their message across effectively and efficiently. She has created bespoke communications programmes for many companies. Camila has significant management experience and has also been involved with a number of initiatives for women’s advancement in the workplace, including flexible working, diversity and gender pay parity.

Sarah J. Wachter is the co-founder of Global-Voice. She has consulted for UN Women, UNESCO, the United Nations Environmental Programme, UNSSC, global NGOs, the African Development Bank and many other international organisations and corporations. She regularly media trains emerging leaders in the UN system, and has trained female members of parliament, policymakers, executives and government officials around the world.