Appcider is a E-commerce Technology Startup behind ShipAny – a smart logistics gateway for online retail platforms. Our mission is to facilitate online retail and E-commerce growth by offering wide variety of reliable courier services to consumers via a single shipping gateway.

ShipAny is capable to provide real-time shipping quote, shipping label generation, courier notification for pick-up and real-time shipment tracking. However, Trust is always one of the key considerations for selection of logistics courier service. ShipAny is an integrated technology solution that connects most online retail platforms to any kind of couriers with high level of trust protected by smart contracts. We are working with insurance providers to offer insurance service and execute through smart contracts in blockchain technology, so that the terms and execution of claims are of high transparency in case of disputes.

This would greatly boost the trustable courier service supply to meet the demanding market and enabled customized courier services. ShipAny is priced in pay-per-use model and the per-order commission is charged to Merchant and Courier side. With such enhanced courier service, we expect consumers are more willing to adopt and thus facilitates the growth of online retail and E-commerce market.