BBC StoryWorks and Innovate Finance partner for new film series

18th September 2019 | IF News

BBC StoryWorks and Innovate Finance partner for new film series

‘Innovation in Finance’ will explore the impact of FinTech on the finance industry

Series highlights the sector’s role in transforming the digital economy

London, 18th September 2019 –  Innovate Finance, the independent industry body for UK FinTech, is pleased to announce a project highlighting innovation in financial services. The series will be produced for Innovate Finance by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial creative arm of BBC Global News.

Innovation in Finance will dive into the world of FinTech, a global industry that is impacting and changing our finance industry daily. Innovation in finance is providing consumers and businesses with the technological tools they require to widen their access to new products and services. We aim to tell the engaging stories of innovation and passionate people, who are changing the face of finance and developing a better world through technological solutions.

Innovate Finance will kick off the work with the BBC’s StoryWorks, the commercial creative arm of BBC Global News, by looking at FinTech companies who are addressing financial inclusion, by empowering those at the fringes of society and banking those who have no access to a bank account.

The film series will also explore the various ways FinTech is having an impact on culture in the workplace - examining the role of women in the sector; as well as tackling issues such as the shortage in the talent pipeline, through initiatives such as Innovate Finance’s FinTech for Schools.

It will also examine the relationship between Fintech and traditional institutions, highlighting how the UK has carved out a place as a global leader in the space, making it the go-to destination to grow a business and investment opportunities.

The project comes at a crucial time for the industry, as FinTech grows and matures. It will act as an important tool to raise awareness and educate audiences about the power of FinTech and innovation in financial services.

The series will officially launch in April 2020.

Charlotte Crosswell, CEO of Innovate Finance, said: “We are delighted to be working with BBC StoryWorks on this project, bringing to life the power of financial innovation and its transformative impact on financial services. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the successful faces building UK FinTech, and highlight how technology is transforming the financial world and putting the UK at the heart of innovation. We look forward to the launch of the series in April 2020, which will reach a wide audience both around the country and globally.”

Charles Woodward, Global Head of Partnerships at BBC StoryWorks said: “We are thrilled to have been commissioned by Innovate Finance to create a programme exploring the increasingly indistinguishable worlds of technology and financial services. Innovate Finance represent a unique selection of disruptors, legacy global players, and forward-thinking consultancies who will play a crucial role in telling the story of this community and its impact in the UK around the world.”


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