Innovate Finance Brand Resources

Our brand positioning statement defines how we want our brand to be positioned in the minds of our audience; it is a description of the image we want for our identity, and a tactical tool to help us achieve our brand-management goals.

Having a clear and formalized description of our intended positioning helps us to clarify what we need to be seen to offer and to whom; how we want to be seen as different in our industry; why we think our audience should care; and why they should get involved from the services we provide.

Innovate Finance is the preeminent FinTech membership association for the UK’s global FinTech community. We are the largest independent association with the fastest growing membership base; bringing together companies ranging from the world’s leading global corporations to the UK’s most promising FinTech startups.

Primary Logo

The logo is an important reflection of Innovate Finance’s brand identity and must therefore be consistency portrayed across all company collateral and stationary.

The Innovate Finance logo is comprised of two elements; the logo type rendered in Neo Tech Light Italic, all caps, and the logo unifier, always in Innovate Finance Green.

Black and Green PNG
White and Green PNG
Black and Green SVG
White and Green SVG