The financial technology giving Kenyans a safety net

A lack of proper financial security is affecting thousands across Kenya. Without insurance, simple everyday tasks can become risks that many can’t afford to take – and difficulties sourcing the materials they need can mean businesses struggle to grow. Here’s how simple credit solutions are making all the difference.

Presented by Catalyst Fund and Innovate Finance

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Helping small businesses to help themselves

Getting the right loan can determine the future of a small business, but low credit scores can get in the way. A Nigerian lender is taking on traditional finance models, helping growing companies access the cash they need.

Presented by Migo and Innovate Finance

Removing barriers to mobility for expats

Buying a car can be a tricky process, but for some, vehicle ownership is not even an option. International students and expats can come up against a wall when trying to access finance, blocked by a lack of credit. A digital lender is offering help.

Presented by Lendbuzz and Innovate Finance

How are budding entrepreneurs crowdfunding their dreams?

Buying into a business you believe in has never been easier – and investing is no longer reserved for society’s privileged few. The world of private commerce has been forced open, providing unprecedented funding opportunities and making the financial playing field fairer for all.

Presented by Seedrs and Innovate Finance