Smart Pension




Smart Pension is a UK-based FinTech that has built a powerful digital platform that enables UK SMEs, at no-cost, to comply with their pension auto enrolment responsibilities in minutes. This state-of-the-art purpose built technology platform allows any employer to quickly and easily create and manage a pension scheme for their workforce and helps Governments successfully implement pension reforms through enforcing auto enrolment but in a cost-effective way that employers can afford, in term of fees, zero hidden costs and time.

Since May 2015, Smart Pension has on-boarded over 30,000 employers with over 150,000 employees and is on track for further huge growth. Smart Pension is an equivocal success in the UK market through developing and deploying best in class technology, embedded strategic partnerships (e.g. Legal & General) and an unerring focus on customer needs. Smart Pension was co-founded by Andrew Evans and Will Wynne.

Team Members

Sam Barton

CTO, Smart Pension

Andrew Evans

CEO, Smart Pension