What Is Innovate Finance Membership?

Innovate Finance is the UK industry body and independent membership association for FinTech. More than 250 members have joined the Innovate Finance ecosystem to date and our members range from seed-stage start-ups to global financial institutions and professional services firms.

Our role is to connect the UK’s global FinTech community. Through membership, companies have access to a range of services designed to give them the support they need at whatever stage they are on their FinTech journey. We believe that at the very heart of Innovate Finance membership is the ability to connect, collaborate, share insights and get access to wider industry engagements. Whether it be through annual programmes, our initiatives and campaigns, or connections to policy-makers, press and potential partners, we continue to create the right environment for our members to share ideas and grow their network. We are the hub of the UK’s FinTech ecosystem.


Membership Benefits and Packages

By bringing together the most forward-thinking participants in financial services, Innovate Finance is helping create a global financial services sector that is more sustainable, more inclusive and better for everyone. We think it is important that our members receive real value from their membership and all our benefits reflect how we put our members’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Through Innovate Finance you will have access to a vital network of key multiplier connections. Our memberships goes beyond giving our members a return on investment to generating a powerful return on involvement.

Learn more about the different ways you can engage as a member of Innovate Finance. From a growing FinTech startup to a large global bank, insurer, law firm, investor or organisation representing national and international FinTech hubs, our packages are designed to provide you the benefits best suited for your business.

FinTech Membership

Your FinTech business is growing fast – with a compelling proposition. But you’re short of time, and facing new challenges every day. You need support and connections which will save you time, and support you and your leadership team.

Institutional Membership

Your company may already be a global leader in FinTech, or a leader in a financial services segment with an eye to the way financial services will change. You want to see what’s happening with innovators, to learn, partner or acquire.

Partner and Vendor Membership

You know how critical FinTech is to your existing and potential clients. You need to stay ahead, and keep learning. Connecting into the fast-moving FinTech ecosystem is invaluable to generate thought leadership, and position you firmly as a leader in this space.

FinTech Investor Membership

You understand the value of the FinTech sector for the UK economy and find its growth story compelling. That’s why you invest in it. But you know that the more connected with the ecosystem you are, the more you’ll learn and the smarter your investment strategy will be.

Hubs Membership

Whether an incubator, an accelerator who actively supports a range of FinTechs, or a regional, national or international FinTech Ecosystem, you know how important connections, inspiration and ideas are for FinTechs to thrive.