300,000 new products now available within the neo-broker – Scalable Capital expands offering with derivatives

20th July 2021 | Blogs, News


By Scalable Capital


  • Exchange trading in derivatives of the three partners Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and HypoVereinsbank onemarkets is starting 
  • Trading flatrate with even broader investment opportunities at the same price
  • Appropriateness test, webinars and extensive information options complement the offering 

Munich, 20 July 2021. Scalable Capital, a fast-growing online broker and Europe’s largest digital  wealth manager, is taking the next step on its way to become Europe's leading digital investment platform and is expanding its product portfolio within the broker to include derivatives. Clients are now able to trade certificates, warrants or other leveraged products  from the cooperation partners HSBC and HypoVereinsbank onemarkets. Goldman Sachs will join as a third partner soon. In addition to the existing investment universe of the Scalable Broker of around 10,000 shares, ETFs, Crypto-ETPs and funds, there are now around 300,000  new products – in the "PRIME BROKER" fee model with a consistently affordable trading  flatrate starting at 2.99 Euros per month for individual trades. Scalable Capital thus offers the broadest flatrate offer for derivatives in Germany. Alternatively, clients can trade the new  products in the "FREE Broker" price model for 0.99 Euros per trade. 

"The demand from our clients for a wide range of low-priced tradable derivatives was high – now we have delivered," says Erik Podzuweit, co-founder and co-CEO of Scalable Capital. "The derivatives launch is by far the largest product expansion since the broker launched just one year ago. It enables active and experienced private investors to pursue their individual  investment strategies even better. With the introduction of derivatives trading, we are taking another big step towards becoming Europe's leading digital investment platform.“ 

Easy trading and comprehensive information offer via app and desktop  

The purchase and sale of derivatives is carried out quickly, easily and digitally via the Scalable Capital app or via the desktop version. Users receive all derivative prices in real time and comprehensive detailed information on the products. Derivative trades are also executed via the electronic trading platform gettex of the Munich Stock Exchange and are thus subject to the rules and regulations as well as independent trade monitoring of a public stock exchange.  

The derivatives offering primarily addresses experienced private investors who take their financial investments into their own hands. Therefore, the company conducts an  appropriateness test before the first derivatives trade. In addition to the level of knowledge, the experience of the clients is also checked. Derivatives are complex investment products. Their trading price is derived from an underlying asset – for example a share or an index – and performs depending on its price development and the structure of the respective derivative. In order for clients to understand how the various products work and which risks they entail, Scalable Capital offers extensive information on trading with derivatives in the form of videos,  blog articles, podcasts and webinars.  

"We are excited that in the future Scalable Capital clients will also be able to trade certificates  and leveraged products from Goldman Sachs. Investors can choose from more than 170,000  products on over 1,000 underlying assets," states Philipp Möbius, who is among other things responsible for sales with exchange traded products (ETP) in Europe at Goldman Sachs. 

"Whether for hedging, for stabilising returns in sideways markets or for short-term participation in market movements: Derivatives are an integral part of the portfolios of private and  professional investors," says Matthias Hüppe, Head of Derivatives Public Distribution at HSBC Germany. "With the HSBC derivatives offering, Scalable Capital is consistently focusing on the values that unite both companies: transparency, fairness and service orientation." 

Erik Haubold, Managing Director and Head of Private Investor Products Central Europe at  HypoVereinsbank onemarkets is looking forward to the cooperation: "Scalable Capital is one of the fastest growing FinTechs in Europe. The expansion of the product range to include certificates and warrants is another milestone in this development. We look forward to now becoming a part of this success story." 

Three fee models for every investor type 

With Scalable Capital's online broker, clients can trade shares, ETFs, Crypto-ETPs, funds and derivatives. In the "FREE Broker" model, setting up a share or ETF savings plan is free of charge, and there are also no fees for managing the custody account. Each additional trade costs 0.99 Euros. For savings plans and trading in 600 ETFs of the PRIME partners BlackRock, DWS and Invesco, this amount does not apply.

The "PRIME Broker" model offers an unlimited number of trades and any number of share and ETF savings plans for a monthly flatrate of 2.99 Euros. All ETFs of all ETF providers that can be traded in Germany are available to clients. The service is billed annually. The "PRIME Broker flex" model for 4.99 Euros per month offers the same services as the "PRIME Broker", except that the fees are billed monthly. 

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