Banking on Sustainability – gohenry Launches the First Biodegradable Debit Card for the Eco-Conscious Kid

21st May 2020 | Blogs, News

By gohenry


LONDON, United Kingdom – Family money app, gohenry, has released a new Eco Card so, whilst money may not grow on trees, young people can now play their part in keeping the planet healthy.

Following research that showed an incredible 40% of 6-to-14-year olds feel they are directly responsible for saving our planet, gohenry has created the Eco Card - the first of its kind for kids in the UK. The new prepaid Visa debit cards are a low energy consumption product composed of 82% bio-sourced renewable material made from field corn rather than fuel, helping in the fight against plastic pollution.

On the first use of each card, gohenry will plant a tree in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects, providing a commitment by each of its young customers to help protect the natural world. Eden Reforestation Projects plants the new trees in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal for the purpose of reforestation, agroforestry and to help reduce poverty through the employment of local villagers to do the planting.

“We’re all about encouraging smart choices in children and empowering Gen-Z to consider the impact of their purchases,” said founder of gohenry, Louise Hill. “There's a whole generation of no-nonsense kids leading the charge for a more eco-friendly approach to the world around them. Our Eco Cards are designed to reflect this passion for the environment and give our young customers the opportunity to go greener, while still taking part in the digital economy. Our aim is to expand our Eco Card range in the future, with the ultimate goal of printing all of our cards on the greenest material possible.”

gohenry’s Eco Card is made from a plastic substitute called polylactic acid (PLA), which is created from renewable materials such as field corn, rather than fuel. PLA is biodegradable and non-toxic if incinerated and breaks down within six months versus the 400+ years it takes its PVC equivalent. 

“Encouraging eco-conscious purchases at a young age is key to developing a greener mindset and ensuring the future of our planet. We’re delighted to partner with gohenry and to encourage children as young as six to give back to nature and make a positive impact through their money choices,” said Eva Orahim, Account Manager for Eden Reforestation Projects.

gohenry recently celebrated its one millionth customer, cementing its place in the money market as the tool that prepares young people for their financial future. The app that gives kids real-world practice with managing money, gohenry empowers young people to earn pocket money from household chores, then save it or spend responsibly by creating a safe environment to make mistakes with no possibility of debt, no overdrawn accounts, and the option for parents to jump in and help out if needed.

The gohenry Eco Card is available from Thursday 21 May 2020 online at

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About gohenry:

Launched in the UK in 2012, gohenry is a prepaid Visa debit card and app with unique parent controls designed exclusively for 6-18 year-olds to help them learn good money habits in an increasingly cashless society.

gohenry’s innovative app gives young people the freedom to learn and take charge of their own spending and saving in a safe environment, while the app's parent version allows parents to guide kids through the early stages of digital finance.

Having expanded into the US with Mastercard, gohenry is building a global movement of over one million users who fiercely believe that being good with money is a vital life skill.

For more information please visit, or in the US.

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