BSO joins the Innovate Finance community

6th April 2021 | Blogs, News



Dublin, 6 April 2021 - BSO, the global pioneering infrastructure and connectivity provider has joined Innovate Finance, the independent industry body representing the global fintech community in the UK.  

A leading pioneer in capital markets technology, BSO has gained traction in the world of fintech by developing an ultra-low latency cloud-to-cloud connectivity for crypto and digital asset traders. BSO plans to work alongside the community to collaborate and share its expertise and experience of technological transformation within the fintech ecosystem. 

Through its advocacy and innovation hubs, Innovate Finance has supported early stage startups and established financial institutions in their go-to-market of new products and services. 

Michael Ourabah, CEO of BSO said: “The fintech industry is synonymous with challenging the status quo and innovative thinking, all of which are values that are at the heart of our company. BSO has always been at the bleeding edge of innovation and we look forward to forming exciting partnerships with other members of the Innovate Finance community.”


About BSO 

BSO is a global telecoms operator powering the digital age. 17 years of innovation, independence and pioneering spirit underpin its customer relationships – trusted partnerships with technology-empowered companies that are embracing global opportunities, scaling rapidly and outperforming competitors.

From trading firms at finance’s bleeding edge to high-growth businesses where network performance, reach, diversity and exceptional 24/7 support define success, BSO delivers every time. One of the world’s largest privately-owned telecom companies by PoP count. An unrivalled international footprint. Extensive expertise in difficult-to-access regions and emerging markets. A team listening intently to every customer’s unique needs. A broad spectrum of shared and dedicated services, unmanaged to fully managed. An uncontested consulting-led approach.

This bespoke intelligent infrastructure, incomparable speed, unmatched service, experience and state-of-the-art technology is what makes BSO a passionate partner rather than a transactional provider.

About Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance is the independent industry body that represents and advances the global FinTech community in the UK. Our mission is to accelerate the UK’s leading role in the financial services sector by directly supporting the next generation of technology-led innovators. Innovate Finance’s membership ranges from seed stage startups and global financial institutions to investors, professional services firms, and global FinTech hubs. All benefit from Innovate Finance’s unique position as the single point of access to promote enabling policy and regulation, talent and skills, business opportunity and growth, and investment capital. By bringing together and connecting the most forward-thinking participants in financial services, Innovate Finance is helping create a global financial services sector that is more transparent, more sustainable and more inclusive.

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