Clarida Technologies Donates €1.1 Million Euros Worth of Advanced Data Discovery Software to the Institute of Cancer Research

Clarida Technologies is pleased to announce its donation of  €1.1 million euros worth of its advanced data discovery software to The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK.

Robin Poelmans, CEO and Founder of Clarida Technologies states: “Besides our corporate mission of becoming a major provider worldwide of advanced data discovery software products and services to a wide variety of organisations, we find it incredibly important to deploy our software to aid in tackling some of the hardest to solve problems faced by humanity. Having personally witnessed the   effects of cancer on patients, their family and friends I am very pleased to finalize this donation in the hope that our software can play a vital role in uncovering previously unknown new insights leading to improved cancer treatments.”

Dr. Jonas Poelmans, CTO and Founder of Clarida Technologies further adds: “The software of Clarida Technologies can be used to deeply analyse large volumes of high dimensional data. For advanced research, as is being conducted at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), it is impossible to replace a domain experts’ knowledge and experience by fully automated systems. Our software is meant to be used by domain experts to aid them in their research even if these domain experts have zero programming skills. This is the major strength of the Clarida Excalibur Software suite; the ability to combine the best of both worlds – the massive computational power of our software and making it easy to use by domain experts. The combination of man and machine can lead to unparalleled levels of new discoveries, something we sincerely hope the ICR can achieve.”

Dr. Bissan Al-Lazikani, Head of Data Science at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: “Modern cancer research needs more and more analysis of huge amounts of complex data. Data science therefore plays a key role in our work to discover new cancer drugs at the ICR. We’re grateful to Clarida Technologies for their generous donation and are now exploring how we can best use the software in our mission to make the discoveries that will defeat cancer.”

Clarida Technologies Ltd. offers out-of-box available advanced data-discovery software that enables users to deeply analyse large volumes of structured as well as unstructured high dimensional data at unparalleled speeds. Clarida Technologies does not aim at solving just one specific problem, instead we enable organisations to achieve organisation-wide intelligence where advanced analytics can be introduced in every area of the organisation to deeply explore and expose value leaks within the complex structures of their data. The software can be used by non-technical users paving the way towards making advanced analytics available to every organisation without the need to attract an in- house team of data-scientists. Domain experts are the people who best understand their domain and how value can be created within their area of expertise, Clarida Technologies now offers them the means to apply their knowledge and experience on a massive scale which in turn can lead to unseen opportunities for organisations. Past industries served include law enforcement agencies, banks, contact centers, hospitals, manufacturers, etc.