Innovate Finance and City of London Corporation launch new FinTech Strategy Group

Monday 19th March 2018

Innovate Finance and City of London Corporation have today launched the FinTech Strategy Group (FSG) to help drive the success of the UK FinTech sector.

The FSG will bring together senior leaders from across the industry including startup and high growth FinTech businesses, institutional and banking partners and regulators.

The purpose of the FSG is to foster an open and collaborative dialogue on the future of UK FinTech. The Group will work to maintain the UK’s competitive FinTech advantage while driving innovation in financial services. It will also provide an industry-led, independent platform for government and regulators to engage with senior representatives from across the industry.

The Group will be chaired by Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman of Cicero Group. The Vice-Chairs are Catherine McGuinness, Chair of Policy Resources at City of London Corporation and Ron Kalifa, Executive Director of Worldpay.

Commenting on the launch, Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance: “We must continue to challenge ourselves to support and evolve the FinTech industry. We look forward to drawing on our wide membership base to work on issues and provide industry-led solutions while simultaneously identifying areas for policy recommendations.”

Catherine McGuinness, Chair of Policy Resources, City of London Corporation:FinTech continues to go from strength to strength and is a vital part of the City of London ecosystem.

“The establishment of this FinTech Strategy Group is therefore a welcome step for the industry and will add real clout.

“There are numerous opportunities to expand in the years to come, but similarly also hurdles to overcome, so I am confident this group will help the industry speak up with a unified voice.”

Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman, Cicero Group: With the success of a new tech business being launched in the UK every hour, it is essential that we coordinate across industry, regulators and government. This new group will look to shape future FinTech developments so the sector can continue to grow, while also addressing the vital need for skills and greater social inclusion.”

Ron Kalifa, Executive Director, Worldpay: “The pace of change, development and dynamism in the FinTech sector over the past few years means it’s never been a more exciting time in our industry.

“In creating the FinTech Strategy Group we want to come together to advocate for our industry, ensuring that we have the platform and framework for growth, in order to enable UK FinTech to continue on its trajectory of success.”


Key Contacts:
Sameer Gulati,

Head of Policy and Regulation, Innovate Finance

Simon Horner,

Head of Innovation, City of London Corporation

Press Contacts:
Caroline Vaughan,
Innovate Finance
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Adam Taylor,

Cicero Group

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