Innovate Finance responds to PM Theresa May’s and the Home Secretary’s comments on immigration at the Conservative Party Conference 2018

2nd October 2018 | IF News, News

“We are encouraged to hear today from both the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary on the emerging UK migration system post-Brexit. Certainty on the migration system is key to the continued success of our FinTech members, providing both firms and employees with the reassurance they require to plan for their future.

Innovate Finance believes it is vital to maintain the competitive advantage the UK has built in FinTech, a sector that has benefited from access to a global talent pool.

We agree with the Home Secretary that immigration has been been a contributory factor to the success of UK businesses as access to international talent will bolster future prosperity in FinTech. We would welcome measures such as the abolition of the cap on Tier 2 visas, or reviewing the mechanism for current sponsor licences. However, we would caution against setting a single salary level for visas across the country that could cause wage inflation in FinTech firms located outside of London."

-Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance in response to PM Theresa May's and the Home Secretary's comments on immigration at the Conservative Party Conference 2018. Tuesday 2nd October.

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